GringoPost | Ecuador: Tran Via card did not register my newly bought rides!

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Tran Via card did not register my newly bought rides!

We bought our cards at the Airport when they first came out and had 15 free rides. Since then I have added more rides to the card. However, I just tried to add more rides yesterday and I have a receipt for 9 more rides but it did not show up on the original Tran Via card. Has anyone else had this problem?
I do not ride it all that often but, do not recall seeing anything stating we needed to get another card issued. The information at the kiosk at several Tran Via stops show that there is something wrong with the card or it timed out and need a new one.
I've had a bus card for years and never had a problem. If I need a new card due to it being an interim card can anyone suggest where to buy a new one without lines that back up to Tarqui? Has anyone else had a problem loading the card after doing it successfully in the recent past? Any assist would be appreciated as I would not want my wife to go through this at another time too.

Rick Crook