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This might be pushing it, but…

I am also looking for a cleaner who can commit to being here three days a week--in the morning-- if I could find someone to live in, that would be perfect. I teach online so I need help in the mornings as my schedule is hectic: feeding the dogs, cleaning, watering and, if possible, walking some of the dogs (must know what they are doing and then do it). I am really at the end of my rope with my current cleaner who isn't careful, bangs around, throws things out that she shouldn't, misplaces things, leaves rags lying around and honestly I have been very patient and explained over and over again. My budget is limited with all of the dogs I look after who live here with me and, because my Canadian dollar takes such a hit, so anyone? The extra of cooking some meals would put me over the moon.
Thanks so very much for any help you might have.

Barbie Simmons: .

City: Cuenca