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Experience, Guayaquil and Spirit Airlines

Just wanted to explain my experience flying with Spirit for the first time and arriving at Guayaquil. Now your experience may or not be the same. This is just for your information and may help some of you to answer your questions.


This was my first time flying with Spirit and it was a return trip to Ecuador (Guayaquil) from Fort Lauderdale via DFW. I spent quite a bit of time weighing all ten of our checked luggage. Just using the handheld digital scale. Spirit has different breakpoints for weight. And if you are over the breakpoint by a tenth it will put you into the next breakpoint. When you get to the airport you can weigh your luggage on the scales. And they have tables to rearrange your luggage. They will not give you any favors so to speak. This is how they make their money. Also make sure you pay for your checked luggage online. It will always be cheaper online and the earlier the better. Anyways we had 10 checked pieces. Two standard size pieces of luggage and 8 plastic crates, the ones that look like footlockers. I weighed a couple on the scale and they were within a half of pound of what I wrote down. I gave all of my checked pieces about a pound of fluctuation. We stood in line with all of the luggage off to the side. No way that we could drag everything through the maze. A agent behind the desk asked who’s luggage was on the side and we answered it was ours. In about 3 minutes she directed us to a agent. Then we brought all of the luggage over to her station. The first thing they did was check our paperwork for the COVID test. Highlighting that it was negative. Total time for them to weigh the baggage and process everything was about 15 minutes. Everything checked direct to Guayaquil. That was a relief knowing that I would not have to seek transportation in Fort Lauderdale.

Fort Lauderdale

We had a 9-hour layover in Fort Lauderdale, so we checked into a hotel to relax and freshen up before the final flight. We left the airport and went to the hotel. About three hours later we were notified through the Spirit app that our flight was delayed to the following day. This was due to the tropical storm that was moving through. It was raining so hard at times that you could not see across the street. And the rain on the windows was like a waterfall. In the evening we decided to go to a restaurant and eat. I received a email while logging into the WiFi stating good news, things change quickly and our flight was still on. There was not a lot I could do at that time. So we went back to the hotel, then I took the shuttle to the airport to see what was happening. I was notified 20 minutes before the scheduled departure. (my fault only through email) Please when dealing with Spirit keep your contact phone number up to date. Yes you cannot call them but they will try to contact you via phone. While waiting in line they called out my name. They said the flight wanted to leave and we were to come forward. I explained that my wife was back at the hotel and why. They asked if it was ok if the luggage continued on its way to Guayaquil? And I said that would be great. So they scheduled us on the flight the next day.


Arrived on time about thirty minutes after an AA flight had landed. While leaving the aircraft and winding around to Immigration. I could see individuals in the luggage area and a few straggler's in immigration. Came into a room where they asked us our age. Anybody 65 and older or individuals with kids went to the right and everybody else went to the left. They made us sit in order of arrival in the room. Then when everybody had arrived, they had us go to the desk. Here is where they our Covid test results and the other form the airlines gave us to fill out. Everything else was status quo. We asked a Spirit representative about our luggage and she took me to a cage. Where it was all safe and sound. Loaded it up three buggies and proceeded through x-ray. I think the person felt obligated to check something so they called out the last bag. Which was nothing but some of my wife's dishes.


City: Cuenca