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The largest, most delicious burrito on the planet

After many months of experimentation, fine-tuning, trial and error and making our closest friend endure our craziness, we bring you our latest (and perhaps our greatest) business idea. Actually, to say it is an idea grossly misrepresents the magnitude of what we are about to unleash on Cuenca. Our passion to produce the absolute highest quality food with a taste profile that will knock your socks off has come to fruition. Ladies and Gentlemen, we introduce to you, Big-Ass Burritos.
Big-Ass Burritos are the alpha and omega of anything that could legitimately be considered a burrito - the product actually transcends the word. We attempted to come up with a word that adequately described our burrito, but everything we came up with fell short, also. This was when we decided that the proper use of adjectives would more appropriately do the job, and hence, Big-Ass Burritos was born.

“Why Big-Ass Burritos?”, you might be asking. First, whenever someone utters the words, “Big-Ass” in describing something, you know you are about to see something extraordinary. For example, “they have a big-ass house”, suggests that the house is not only bigger than most, but also more awesome than ordinary dwellings. Or, “he has a big-ass truck.” The very nature of a truck is it is bigger than most vehicles. But, when preceded by the term big-ass, you know the truck is not only much larger than ordinary trucks, but also much more astonishing. Ass is also the more scientific word for donkey, hence our big-eared mascot. Quite frankly, “big-ass” is the only term that adequately describes our burritos.

“So what makes your burritos so special other than the name?”, you might be wondering. The answer to this question is not simple. It starts with our attitude - we have a big-ass passion for food, but specifically burritos. We scoured the land for a great burrito here in Cuenca, but alas, came up empty. Sure, there were some “OK” burritos, but nothing that really satisfied our hunger for something out of this world. And that is when the old adage, “if you want something done right, do it yourself” motivated us to make our own burritos. And, as we all know, passion drives greatness.
Next is our insistence on using the highest-quality ingredients we could find. For example, our black beans are not canned. From our avocados to our zucchini, we use the best and freshest ingredients money can buy.

Third has to be our sauces. We are constantly experimenting with sauces because we know the sauce can make or break a burrito. We currently have three sauces to choose from but will be developing more.

Lastly, our burritos are big-ass and made to order. These are very big burritos, bursting at the seams with ingredients. You will not be hungry after you eat a Big-Ass Burrito if you can even finish it. This is not one of those burritos that will leave you wanting, that we promise.

Currently we offer 4 different burritos but we will be expanding our menu as time progresses.

Mexican Marinated Chicken, Beef (not hamburger), Mixed (chicken and beef) and Vegetarian

Each burrito come with the following: guacamole, cheese, black beans, corn, onions, peppers, zucchini, cherry tomatoes, rice, our proprietary spice mixture

Our sauces are: Chipotle (light-medium spicy), Tropical (slightly spicy), Spicy (spicy)

Each Burrito is - $5.50 (+ Delivery)

Our food is prepared with your utmost safety in mind. It is available for delivery only.
WhatsApp/Call - 099 905 0673
Orders taken from 11 AM - 9 PM
Online ordering coming soon

November 3, 2020, Tres de Noviembre 4-132 y Los Cipreses

Dave:  099 905 0673