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The Cuenca Symphony Orchestra,

Offers its first concert with an audience at the Casa de la Cultura Theater
The IX Concert of the II Season 2020 conducted by maestro Michael Meissner, Principal Conductor, with the participation of the famous Cuenca group Jazz de Barro, is the first concert with an audience offered by the Cuenca Symphony Orchestra. The Casa de la Cultura theater will be the stage where we will again interact with our audiences and for the safety of artists and audiences we will follow all current biosafety protocols and the authorized capacity of 30%. We are waiting for you on Thursday the 19th and Friday the 20th at 7 pm.
The repertoire includes: Alba pa ’ti and Festejo de Capishca by Lucas Bravo; La Llama and Samba Raúl de Su Terry; Purisha, Yarawi, San Juan Jam and Ñutu Tamiya by Christian Torres and Charquito by Pedro Ortiz. The repertoire are creations of the members of Jazz de Barro.
Jazz de Barro is a band that was formed at the end of 2014, initially as members of The Jazz Society Café in Cuenca. During this time they have played jazz standards, Latin American and African American music and also unreleased songs. Jazz de Barro has among one of its objectives to merge traditional Ecuadorian music: albazo, sanjuanito, capishca, and aisle, among others, through the influence of producing new trends and musical dialogues for compositions and thus obtaining new musical proposals.
This band is made up of: Lucas Bravo (Piano), Su Terry (Saxophone-Clarinet), Christian Torres (Double Bass and Electric Bass), Pedro Ortiz (Drums), musicians who have managed to develop individually in various styles such as: academic music, Afro-Latin , folkloric, so the versatility and unity at the same time have allowed several concerts to be given on stages such as The Jazz Society Café, a concert in tribute to Efraín Jara Idrovo that took place at the Theater of the House of Culture of Cuenca, Ecuador Jazz International Festival 2019. In addition, they have the particularity of being all composers, something unusual in musical groups, so the fluency, communication and short and long-term projects for this unique band are much better since each one He contributes from his experience, his abilities and skills and everything is directed to maintain the band. Currently the band is promoting their first album "Festejo de Capishca" and composing the music that will be part of their second album.
"Him Terry - Saxophone and Clarinet. He has an incredible background in music, as well as vast international experience and passion for jazz." He is a remarkable storyteller, in music and in words. ... he looks at the world in one-Erika Funke, ArtScene, National Public Radio.
Lucas Bravo - Piano. From an early age passionate about music and piano. Owner of extensive training and national and international experience, he is always researching, doing something new and sharing his knowledge.
Christian Torres - Double Bass / Electric Bass. Instrumentalist of the Cuenca Symphony Orchestra. Since 2012 he has been a co-founder member of “The Jazz Society Of Ecuador” together with the pianist Jim Gala and the Clarinetist Su Terry (USA), with the objective of promoting jazz within the city by performing weekly concerts, in addition to workshops and improvisation seminars that are carried out completely free of charge, aimed at young musicians interested in the art of improvisation.
Pedro Ortiz - Drums. His musical education from an early age has led him to try various genres and styles and to train with great national and foreign pedagogues in his favorite instrument, the drums. He works primarily in popular music, exploring genres such as salsa, cumbia, jazz, funk, rock / metal, and has attended major seminars on contemporary music, jazz, and percussion.
We invite our wonderful audiences to visit the Digital Concert Hall on Youtube in which so far we have 37 beautiful concerts for all tastes that they can enjoy and share from anywhere in the world. planet when and how many times you want.
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