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Security camera or electric fence?

Recently we installed and connected a security camera along with electric fence on a private property. We've documented this on our Facebook page. We have the best prices on security cameras and fencing.

How did we do that? We have an experienced, registered, qualified electrical engineer working to fix all your electrical problems. Doesn’t matter if it is the electricity in your home (lack of ground, shorts, popping sounds), installing an electric fence, or setting up and installing your security camera. He can do it. Not sure if he is for real? Here is his Ecuadorian Registration number for electrician 2138-2020-2157882.

Just contact us via WhatsApp or on our Facebook page - Cuenca Emilio Of All Trades, Brothers Constructions, Handyman.  

Services offered: professional surveying, installation of ceramic tile (or repairing it), plumbing, carpentry, metal welding, painting, remodeling, soldering, window screens and burglar bars, electrical work, interpreting, making or assisting with Dr appointment (translating), help getting a Driver's License, grocery shopping, paying bills, fixing stuff – you name it and we’ll work to solve your problem.

Contact me, Emilio, and we'll review your situation and work to solve it.

Calle Canton Saraguro S/n and Manuel Arturo Cisneros Cuenca. Anytime

Emilio Morocho: WhatsApp 098 699 5694