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Recommendation for Hosteria Izhcayluma, ecolodge

I was convinced every neighbor was competing to make the most noise possible, causing too much stress. So, it was time for a break from this city. Hosteria Izhcayluma boasts relaxation and no stress. I made a reservation and I’m on my way.  

The drive - just 4 hours of gorgeous mountains and comfortable chats with our diver, the time flew by.
Comfort – I’m crazy nuts about masks and distancing. I never felt uncomfortable. My space was respected and just about everything is in fresh air, including the dining area. The accommodations were spacious, beds very comfortable and that terrace is unbeatable.
Hospitality – I’ve been to those places they claim have top notch hospitality - no matter how much they acted, I never felt it. Here I felt truly welcomed - exchanging our days’ activities with Peter – Dieter’s laughter after his second beer (exactly like my Dad’s) - enjoying a fun chat with, the perfect gentleman, Raik. I felt at home.

Setting - calming and lovely mountain views all around. Relaxed, I noticed the birds moving about - a family of blue/grey tanagers visiting their favorite trees, flycatchers in action, hummingbirds and other striking species making me look for more. Oh, and the cows giving the finger to the farmer. One wanted to go to the barn. The farmer corrected that, took her back to the others to graze. The farmer left. The cow recruited two others and off to the barn they all went.  

Food - Since the lockdowns, I’ve prepared three meals a day. I was off cooking duty (Yay!) and the food was good!
The worst thing - a night time dog barking incident! (another Cuenca stress I had to escape) As I listened to the dogs, I realized it was to protect the farm that was across the way. A stray was trying to get at the chickens but the farmer’s dog chased him away, down a long drive and out to the main street. That, I can deal with.
Magic - as if on cue, one delightful afternoon storm to cool an overheated day and refresh the mountain side.
Return trip - another 4 hours of gorgeous scenery, a friendly driver and all too quickly, over.
After returning, my neighbors have intensified making constant noise. I’ve started yelling at them. I should move to Hosteria Izhcayluma, it’s more of what I really want from Ecuador.

Address: Vilcabamba

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