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Recommendation for Dr. Carlos Palacios, medical doctor and covid-19 specialist

 It is with great pleasure that I recommend Dr. Carlos Palacios. Dr. Palacios is the doctor
who treated both my husband and me who had contracted the Covid-19 coronavirus. We
were under his care for five weeks in our home. We were taking medication for all of those five weeks. We had several blood tests, and we each had a CAT scan. The results of our blood tests were sent to our iPhone on WhatsApp.

Dr. Palacios was very attentive to our situation. He came to our apartment to see us on the very day that I called him and prescribed medication for us. In fact, he was available to see us every day. I received Dr. Palacios’ contact information from a patient of his who had recovered from the Covid-19 coronavirus. I acted quickly in contacting Dr. Palacios - the day after my husband had tested positive for Covid-19. I like Dr. Palacios because he is extremely intelligent, and because he is very knowledgeable about the Covid-19 coronavirus and, of course, knowledgeable about the medical field in general.

The medicine that he prescribed kept each of us out of the hospital. Dr. Palacios was able to treat us individually as our symptoms were quite different. We followed his instructions so that we would not contaminate each other as we were living under the same roof.

Dr. Palacios is a very pleasant and empathetic person. He has a passion for his profession. He is very professional, and he has expertise in his field. Dr. Palacios is on the medical staff of Santa Ines Hospital and Clínica La Gloria.

I fully recommend Dr. Palacios as a highly capable physician. According to Dr. Palacios, he has treated and saved 290 patients (as of October 21, 2020) from a fatal outcome. His experience in treating Covid-19 patients, including my husband and me, indicates to me that he values human life and the medical profession.

Address: Cuenca, Ecuador

Contact information:  098 429 1342

Recommended by Linda Smith: 099 517 3864