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Recommendation for Blue Box Insurance Brokers

Why three years ago I decided to do business with Carlos Ramirex, Principal of Blue Box.

Let me first give you some context about my previous experience with health insurance in Ecuador. I have been in Cuenca for more than seven years. In that time I have been with the IESS and a number of private carriers. I have been involved in the demise of AƱos Dorados/Golden Age, two consecutive group plans for Gingos (Salud SA and BMI) and more recently Bellgenica. In all cases I escaped unscathed. I have fortunately been a "light user" of health insurance.

When I looked for replacement of Bellgenica (before they went out of business) I was exposed to a presentation by Blue Box, at a session organized by Michael Soares at the Vegetable Bar.

Once I met with Carlos I was impressed with his strategy:
- Select companies with proven strong performance indicators. He had researched available industry data from the Superintndencia.
- Select companies with proven market tenure and/or financial backing/strength.
- Build the business on a strong customer service ethos, as differentiator.
- Only do business with a small number of select companies, to be a relatively large fish in their pond and leverage this position for the clients.
- Leverage the fact that he is a fully licensed broker, compared to just an agent. The barrier to entry of broker is much higher than an agent and he has a required good working knowledge of the applicable law in Ecuador. Insurance in Ecuador can be complex.

Almost three years later (although I have been a "light user") I can say that I made the right decision. Mind you, I am continuously irritated as hell by my insurance carrier. Carlos, though, consistently provides me with quick assistance, explanations and advice. I have decades of experience in Customer Service Consulting and I can say that his ethos in this field is strong.

My final bit of testimony is that, as a client, I believe so much in him that I volunteered to edit his English communications with his expat target group and thus help him build his business.

If you have any question pertaining to insurance in Ecuador, do what I did three years ago and put Carlos to the test. Buena suerte.

Address: Ordonez Lasso y Los Cedros, Edf Montecarlo

Contact information: 098 246 5168

Recommended by Eric Fraterman: