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Private Spanish lessons

My name is Leonella Piedra and today I offer you private and personalized Spanish lessons for children, teenagers and adults.

The classes can be online, in my classroom or I can go to your place.

I assure you gratifying lessons and excellent results.

  $6 for an hour
  $10 for two hours

In my classroom:
  $8 for an hour
  $14 for two hours

At home:
  $10 for an hour
  $18 for two hours

Note: In these cases, the lessons would last chronological hours

Monthly packages: I also offer monthly packages that are composed by five private classes per week for a month, being a total of twenty classes per month.

In these packages, the lessons would last two academic hours (one and a half chronological hours), resulting in 30 chronological hours per month.

The schedule could be defined and reserved from the beginning, or the student could choose the days of the week and the hours in which he would receive the classes.


Online: $60 per month (each class would cost $3 )

In my classroom: $80 per month (each class would cost $4)

In your place: $100 per month (each class would cost only $5).

WhatsApp: 099 563 1635

Cuenca, Ecuador.

Leonella Piedra: 099 563 1635