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Picnic in the park with a burrito bowl from Big Ass Burritos

Picnic in the park with a burrito bowl. It is a less messy way to enjoy a burrito and enjoy the company of the person you are picnicking with unless you are picnicking with your imaginary friends like I often do. At least my imaginary friends don't care if I am messy or not. The truth of the matter is, I often spill food on myself and my imaginary friends just sigh. With a burrito bowl, the likelihood of you spilling something on yourself is drastically reduced. That said, because the contain the same ingredients as a burrito, things could go awry and get messy. Even if they do, you will most definitely enjoy the burrito bowls. Or you can throw caution to the wind and just get a regular burrito.  

Coming next week - tacos!

What is a burrito bowl?

A burrito bowl is a burrito without the tortilla for those that...
a. want fewer carbs
b. don't like the unwieldiness of a burrito
c. want passersby to think they are eating a salad
d. eat everything out of a bowl
e. are too sophisticated to eat with their hands
f. think meals in bowls are trendy
g. model their lives after the Kardashians (they eat at trendy bowl restaurants)
h. don't like plates
i. like their food a little more orderly

Whatever your reason, Big Ass Burrito Bowls are the perfect solution.  

Burrito Bowl Types: Vegetarian, Mexican Marinated Chicken, Beef and Mixed
Burrito Bowl Contents: guacamole, cheese, black beans, corn, onions, peppers, zucchini, tomatoes, rice, our proprietary spice mixture.
Burrito Bowl Sauces: Spicy (Very Hot), Chipotle (light-medium spicy), Tropical (slightly spicy)
Burrito Bowl Price: $5 (+ Delivery)

Big Ass Burritos always available with the same ingredients as above for $5.50

Our food is prepared with your utmost safety in mind. It is available for pick-up and delivery only.
WhatsApp/Call - 099 905 0673
Orders taken from 11 AM - 9 PM
Online ordering coming soon

November 7, 2020, Tres de Noviembre 4-132 y Los Cipreses