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Latest book edition: "Relocating to Ecuador - Eyes Wide Open"

 This updated Third Edition of "Relocating to Ecuador - Eyes Wide Open: Facts/insights the author wishes had been available to evaluate/facilitate his own move to Ecuador in 2013" contains not only updates to the original information, but well more than 150 pages of new information.

With this significant expansion, the book now appears to be the most extensive - and certainly the most forthright and balanced book - on relocating to Ecuador (see table of contents below). It is available on Amazon in Kindle ($9.97) and softcover versions (pricey due to Amazon's required costs for the number of pages and large number of full-color images).

The link to the book is:

Or, just go to Amazon and search the book category for "Relocating to Ecuador."

The book focuses largely on clarifying topics that I found to be confusing, elusive, under-appreciated, and/or misunderstood both before and since moving to Cuenca. I've drawn insights and recommendations from my own experience, those of other expats whom I've gotten to know, expat facilitators, and articles from other sources. While some of the information is specific to Cuenca, the vast majority is true of all of Ecuador. Besides, I estimate that some 80% of the people who relocaate to Ecuador end up in Cuenca (for good reasons).

People who do not yet live in Ecuador buy this book to:
-Evaluate Ecuador as a place to relocate/retire/visit
-Plan their exploration visit
-Get how-to advice on a wide variety of topics

But expats who already live in Ecuador have told me they bought the book to:
-Learn more about their new home
-Get how-to advice on a wide variety of topics

This is a full-color book that includes many photographs capturing the beauty, colorfulness and spirit of Ecuador. The book is written with keywords in bold type, which was done so you can scan the information quickly to find topis of particular interest to you. And so you can see what's new in the Third Edition, all updates and new content are shown in distinctive lavender-colored text.

Table of Contents

-Introduction: My Personal Experience of Living in Cuenca, Ecuador
-What Drives People (Especially US citizens) to Move to Ecuador in the First Place
-The Makeup of Expats in Cuenca/Ecuador
-Making the Most of a Scouting Trip to Cuenca or Ecuador in General
-What Expats Say they Like and Don't Like (not much) About Cuenca
-Advice on Being a Successful Expat
-Why US Expats Leave Cuenca/Ecuador (or any other foreign country - some 50-60% of expats only "stick" for two-to-three years)
-What Cuencano Ecuadorians Think of US Expats (very important to me re: my sense of well-being)
-Crime and Safety
-Health Care and Insurace
-Communicating with the Outside World
-Managing Finances
-Political Environment
-Everything Else
-Appendix A: Ecuadorian Statistics According to the World Bank
-Appendix B: Additional Links and Books on Ecuador and Relocation
-Links for Learning Spanish
-About the Author


Terry Dean Roberts: .

City: Cuenca