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If you are flying out of Guayaquil ...

If you are flying out of Guayaquil there are some things you might want to know.

Before you enter the terminal, you will be met by someone who will check your passport and something else. I have no idea what the something else was but after a few iterations of “I have no idea what you want” he let me through. Then you will see a tent with ozone. You put your bags, backpack, purse, whatever in the tent. You walk around to the other side and collect your things.
Once you enter the terminal you will notice two things, there is no seating and the lines as long as when half of Ecuador is in line ahead of you except, now, the lines are sparse. I did web check-in, so my wait was negligible.  

If the country you are flying to has restrictions, they will be checked. I was flying to Costa Rica, so they checked my “health form,” my proof of health insurance for 22 days, and my CR c├ędula. When I made my connection in Panama City, they checked only for the health form.  

There was no point in lingering without seating, so I went to my gate. Many of the shops were closed including the “all the beer you can drink for $20” stand.

They no longer serve food on the plane so plan accordingly. There is a passable sandwich shop near gate 10. The following is for Copa, but others are likely similar. As you enter the plane you are asked for your seat. They hand you a bag from one of two piles. Mine contained a bottle of water, a bag of pretzels, and a bag of cookies. I expected much more for the price of business class. The other change was we deplaned by row. I was in the first row so got off the plane quickly.

Gerald Brown: