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Home insurance

Are you completely protected? Make sure you have rental insurance. Most expatriates owned a house before moving to Ecuador. At home you would never have lived without insurance. Now, most expatriates rent. And, you think they no longer need home insurance. That could be a disastrous miscalculation. God forbid a fire should destroy all your possessions. What if you had to replace all your expensive clothes, telephone, computer, television and household items? Can you take the financial hit? Most expatriates can't. That's why rental insurance makes sense. Rental insurance policies are very reasonable. Call us today before it's too late. Get a free consultation on how you can be fully protected.

We have plans starting at $11.25 per month with coverage for:

The structure of the house
Glass and crystals
Debris removal
Electronic equipment
Water damage
Malicious damage and vandalism
Natural disasters
He also receives assistance for:
Plumbing service
Electrician service
Locksmith's shop
If you need more information contact us, we have plans that fit your budget and will help you in case you have an incident.

We are located on OrdoƱez Lasso Avenue and Los Cedros in Cuenca, but if you are not from this city do not worry, we can still help you.

Our telephone number is 095 872 8985


Carlos Ramirez