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Dog training by yourself with this great online course (in Spanish)

Hello, If you are interested in training your dog I highly recommend this online course. There you can learn.

1. Advanced obedience of the dog.
2. How to deal with a possessive aggressive dog.
3. How to prevent and treat separation anxiety in your dog.
4. How to prevent and treat reactivity in dogs.
5. How to establish a suitable pack structure for your dog.
6. How to use the game as a method of education for your dog.
7. How to prevent your child from being attacked by a dog.
8. How to stop a dog fight.
9. Identify the types of aggression in dogs.
10. Why do dogs attack?
11. How to adapt a muzzle to your dog.
12. How to socialize our dog.
13. How to introduce a new dog into a home with other dogs.
14. How to properly socialize your puppy.
15. Learn to understand your dog's body language.
16. How to socialize your puppy from 45 days to 3 months.
17. How to teach tricks to your dog.
18. How to know if your dog is suitable for special training.
19. Dogs with obsessive compulsive disorder OCD.
20. Rescued dogs, advantages and disadvantages.
21. How to prevent behavior problems in your dog.
22. Basic techniques to control and modify your dog's behavior.
23. How to control your dog's barking.
24. Basic care for the health of your dog.
25. First medical aid for dogs.
26. How to prevent behavior problems in your dog.
You can access wherever you want.

It's cost $119.99 (only one payment per life) but now just have a great discount for limited time, with 50% discount costs $59.99.

You can register and access in the link below, the payment safety is guaranteed by Amazon:

If you have any questions or comments let me know.

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