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Create your fun ritual, 4-week workshop

Hello there, Hope you had a nice weekend.

My name is Saras (pronounced Sárasa with the stress on the first SA just like Amazon). I am an award-winning multi-passionate creative entrepreneur, coach and teacher. I mostly work with entrepreneurs, professionals and go-getters on how to achieve their goals, the playful way.

From time to time, I also lead workshops, guiding the participants in connecting with their playful energy through improvisation, visualisations, dance and grounding exercises.

Beginning the last week of November, I will lead three different workshops, each 4 weeks long.
You will

. Create your own morning playful ritual to set your day for success and joy.
. Create an afternoon ritual to do whenever you need to recharge.
. Create your evening ritual so you can go to sleep with a smile on your face.

During the sessions we will work on:

. How to deal with inner blocks that keep you from being who you are, feeling joyful and bringing that energy of play into anything you do.

. Mastering the art of fully experiencing the present moment with the visualization exercises.

. Bringing more spontaneity to your life even in the busiest or dullest days.

. Learning how to silence your inner critical voice and instead have more compassion for yourself and feel more gratitude to dive even deeper into the present moment.

. The importance of creating small consistent changes to help you stay on the playful path.

. How to recognize when you are taking yourself too seriously to fulfil your intention of being more playful every day.

At the end of the 4 weeks, you will feel completely recharged, light, grounded and ready to have a marvellous holiday time and create a wonderful 2021 ahead.

**** Who is this perfect for? ***

For you if:

- You believe the world would be a better place if everyone were a bit more playful.

- You are a work-addict. You don’t know when/how to stop.

- You know that having a playful attitude towards life is important for your well-being.

- You are caught up in a (work/family) routine and you (just) want to hack into it with more joy and fun.

- You know you need to add fun and enthusiasm into your day.

- You are feeling overwhelmed and tired.

- You are tired of taking yourself so seriously!

- You want to feel grounded and relaxed when interacting with others.

- You are already playful and would like more techniques to ground yourself further in that energy!

You want to be more playful in the way you live your life, run your business or/and achieve your goals.


There are three different groups with limited places.
Please reserve your place in one of these groups ASAP.

1st Group: Nov 26th, Dec 3rd, 10th and 17th. Starts 6:30 PM

2nd Group: Nov 30th, Dec 7th, 14th and 21st. Starts 2 PM

3rd Group: Dec 5th, 12th, 19th and 26th. Starts 10 AM

Your time commitment will include a 60-70 min group zoom call (including Q&A), and 10 min for your daily implementation practice.

Price: $147.


Saras Feijoo: 0044 774 738 0317