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Concert in tribute to the Bicentennial of Independence of Cuenca

With the sponsorship of Grupo Cartopel, Unsión TV. and Museo Pumapungo, the VIII Concert of the II Season 2020 directed by maestro Michael Meissner, Principal Director, with the participation of the outstanding Cuenca singers with international trajectory, Sandra Argudo and Diego Zamora in homage to the Bicentennial of Independence of Cuenca, is the next digital installment. This concert was recorded live without an audience on Friday, November 6 at the mythical Pumapungo Archaeological Complex and its premiere at the Cuenca Symphony Orchestra Digital Concert Hall on YouTube, on Facebook and Unsión TV (Official Channel) will be on Wednesday, November 18 at 9 PM with reruns only by UNSIÓN TV. Saturday 21 at 7 PM and Sunday 22 at 10 PM. The repertoire includes: Toreadores- Entreacto, Toreador and Habanera from the opera Carmen by Georges Bizet, La estrada by Nino Rota, Huapango by José Pablo Moncayo, Pasional, Pasillo by Enrique Espín Yépez, Danzón N ° 2 by Arturo Márquez, As if it were a child and You and me, Pasillos by Francisco Paredes Herrera, Mambos N ° 5 and N ° 8 by Dámaso Pérez Prado, Tico-Tico by Zequinha de Abreu, Chola Cuencana, Pasacalle by Rafael Carpio Abad and That's why I love you Cuenca, Capishca by Carlos Ortiz Cobos when we have the information Greetings to Cuenca!
Since its foundation, in November 1972, the Cuenca Symphony Orchestra has been one of the pillars of the cultural development of the city and has contributed to Cuenca's exceptional cultural range with hundreds of premieres of the national and universal repertoire. Therefore, it is logical, natural and mandatory that the OSC is part of the celebrations for the bicentennial of the Independence of Cuenca with a festive concert, accompanied by two of the most beloved local artists: Sandra Argudo and Diego Zamora, whose voices come together to the joy of the orchestra. The concert was recorded in the mythical Pumapungo Archaeological Complex, the spiritual center of the city since millennia, renewing with its beautiful melodies and harmonies this positive energy that has nourished Cuenca and will do so forever. Long live Cuenca!

Maestro Michael Meissner, Principal Conductor of the Cuenca Symphony Orchestra. Sandra Argudo - Soprano. Born in the city of Cuenca - Ecuador, singer since she was 5 years old. Her mother Isabel Cobos was her first music teacher. She entered the José María Rodríguez Conservatory and was part of the Children's, Junior and Youth Choir. From the age of 15 she began her artistic life at a professional level being the main voice with several musical groups and also as a guest soloist of the Cuenca and Nacional de Quito symphony orchestras. She continued her studies at the University of Montemorelos Nuevo León (Mexico) and received her Bachelor's degree in Lyric Singing from the University of Cuenca. She has a busy national and international agenda and in the United States she was proclaimed “Ambassador of Ecuadorian National Music. Diego Zamora Baritone Bass.
Diego Zamora, baritone, singer-songwriter, recently appointed Ecuadorian Tourist Ambassador for his musical career at the national and international level, with 28 years of artistic career has achieved various awards, the last being the one designated by the Honorable National Congress of Paraguay, and the most high honors of the National Assembly of Ecuador for Cultural Merit. Founder and president of the Diego Zamora Cultural Corporation. Founder and manager of the First National Contest of lyrical singing "Cantópera". He has achieved national and international merits: Winner of the world lyrical singing contest at "Salzburg Voice Festival" Salzburg - Austria, "Francisco Paredes Herrera" Medal for Cultural Merit, "Doctor Vicente Rocafuerte" Decoration for Cultural Merit by the National Assembly, Bicentennial Medal of International Cultural Merit. Finalist in the Lyric Singing Contest at the Metropolitan Opera House, USA Awarded with the Mention for Artistic Cultural Merit awarded by the Benjamin Carrión House of Culture. Awarded with the mention of "Cultural Hero in the pandemic" by the Directorate of Culture of the M.I. Municipality of Guayaquil. Distinguished with the Artistic Merit Agreement granted by the Municipality of Guayaquil. Representative of Ecuador in festivals, concerts, recitals of lyrical singing as popular Latin American in: Mexico, Panama, Colombia, Peru, Venezuela, Argentina, USA, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Austria, Germany, Paraguay. Author and composer of important musical works in different genres, highlighting the rhythms of Ecuador, as well as playing various traditional and native musical instruments.
With this delivery there will be 37 digital concerts that the public can enjoy and share from anywhere on the planet at the time and as many times as they wish in the Orque's Digital Room.