GringoPost | Ecuador: Casa Micuna open through Fiestas de Cuenca

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Casa Micuna open through Fiestas de Cuenca

The restaurant at Casa Micuna will be open through Fiestas de Cuenca noon – 9 PM. We are located in Uzhupud on Guillermo Ortega, Via a Chican. The views are spectacular (unfortunately they don't allow photos to be posted in Food/Entertainment.)

You don't just come to Casa Micuna for the food, you come for the experience.

Whatsapp: 099 878 9779

Yuca Amazonica $6
Smoked res, demi glace flavored with cinnamon and braised onions.

Llapingachos $5
Cheese, shredded pork, creole sauce and chili oil.

Dumplings $6
Steamed dumplings with mushroom ragu and mushroom broth.

Ceviche $7
Corvina with an orange & peanut sauce. Served with avocado & chips.

Main Dishes
Roasted Octopus $13
Tomato chimichurri, mashed potatoes, tamarind sauce, roasted turnips and homemade pickles.

Smoked Pork Ribs Or Lomo $12
Apple & cinnamon sauce, creamy barley & fresh veggies.

Prawn cazuela $12
Plantain, cheese, salprieta (peanut sauce) and scallions.

Chicken with coconut sauce $10
Moro style risotto, avocado, coconut sauce and homemade pickles.

Eggplant stew $13
With corn, Spinach gnocchi’s and sourdough croutons.

brownie 70% $6
Organic chocolate, fruit sauce and ice cream.

Pie of the day $5
Apple pie, caramel, sea salt and ice cream.

horchata $2
juice of the day $3
café $2
tea $1
*horchata, Lime Pie, Tiramisu, Berry Berry, English Breakfast, Black Tea, Guayusa.

Infused teas $2
*Strawberry y Green Tea, Black Tea, Lime y Ginger, Chamomile y Lavender y Roses, Berry Berry.

artesanal beer $3 chaviñan (giron)

House wine $4 / $20
*Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc.

Mojito / horchata $5
White rum, hierba buena, basil and mineral water.

Whiskey sour $5
Whiskey, lime, egg white & syrup.

Lemon drop martini $5
Vodka, lemon syrup and lime.

Tom Collins with passion fruit $5
Gin, syrup, passion fruit tonic water and lime.

Noon-9 PM, Guillermo Ortega, Via a Chican, Uzhupud

Marla Crosbie:  099 878 9779