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APShippping last 2 trips for 2020

Hello Everyone,

We remind you that we only have 2 scheduled trips for the rest of the year. We have a lot of people flying for us to send as much as we can.

The remaining dates are:

November 21st with a deadline on the 14th
December 15th with a deadline on the 8th

Take advantage of this month cyber Monday and black Friday deals, send it to us and will deliver it to you. No per order/item fees.

As always please ask us for availability first. Regarding customs we comply with their requirements and limitations to try to avoid any problems.

We also have freight and container shipments available.

Our offices will close from December 15th to January 10th, however we will still receive packages. They will just not be open until the 10th. The first 2021 shipment will be January 27 with a deadline on 17th.

For more information please visit us at or email

Margate FL.

Pamela V Hubbell:  561 809 5691