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Your golden ticket to becoming a real change-maker

Want to help, but don’t know how? This could be your golden ticket to becoming a real change-maker!

The Grace Foundation Golden Ticket is worth much more than coins, and it puts the power to change lives and foster kindness into your caring hands.
When you give a Grace Foundation Golden Ticket you give dignity and choice.

*A Grace Golden Ticket recipient (whether Ecuadorian, Venezuelan, or anyone in need) will receive a culturally sensitive and nutritious free lunch, and additionally and most importantly : One free services from the following list:

-General Consultation with a follow up, referrals, treatment, and free medications
-Pediatric Consultation with a follow up, referrals, treatment, and free medications
-Mental Health Services
-Dental Consultation and Treatment
-New Wardrobe from our Clothing Center (often with bedding and kitchen supplies)
-Massage Session or Chiropractic Session
-$1 and a cautious and sterile hug, in addition to the free lunch.

Your recipient can choose according to their real priorities after a satisfying meal. Grace Foundation’s focus is Community Health Needs, not nationality.
At its heart, this is about the restoration of dignity and health. Allowing people to choose what is best for their own individual/family situation.

The Grace Golden Ticket makes you part of a real solution to the problem of displacement and poverty without adding to it. Those who need the help will gladly accept it.

Grace is both a US and Ecuadorian Foundation, with our own US 501C3 charitable donation status, meaning all your donations go towards program, no fees.

Grace Foundation opened its doors in 2019 to serve refugees fleeing a home country that was cited for Crimes Against Humanity by the United Nations.
With the advent of COVID-19 and its devastating effect on the Ecuadorian economy, Grace opened its doors even wider. Today Grace Foundation focuses on building neighbors through community health, extending its services to the entire Cuenca community, regardless country of origin.

Your donations supporting the Grace Golden Tickets address the root causes of systemic issues with tangible solutions you will see visibly on your street corners.

All Grace Rainmakers (Local Monthly Donors) will be provided with Golden Tickets to distribute our services among those who need it most. We believe in Love Poured Out Without Measure or Discrimination.

For more information on the Grace Golden Tickets, the Grace Foundation, how to donate, or how to volunteer, please contact:

"We can't help everyone, but everyone can help someone."

Ronald Reagan.

Karla Sánchez
Public Relations Manager
WhatsApp +593 95 920 4786
Address: Mariscal Lamar 25-01 y Guillermo Medina

Mariscal Lamar 25-01 and Guillermo Medina.