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White sale

Traditionally white sales are in January. But, we are in Ecuador and we can change the rules. Starting today and ending Saturday all Cuencasalmon's White Fish is on sale.

Robalo - is white fish with a medium firmness, not as delicate as trout but not as dense as swordfish

Wahoo (Ono) - is mild-tasting, with a firm, lean texture and large, circular flake. Grilled wahoo has been compared to chicken or veal in flavor.

Dorado (Ono) It is a firm-fleshed fish suitable for marinating and grilling.
Paiche - Amazonian fresh water fish that is extremely mild

Corvina- beautiful large fillets

Tilapia - 2 beautiful fillets in a package

Have you tried our lobster tails from The Galapagos or our Aged Beef from Uruguay?

Thursday, Oct. 8th, Los Alamos y 3 de Noviembre

Lenny Charnoff: 099 122 1238