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What would a veterinarian recommend for your pet? Kong

Veterinarian La Mia Mascota recommends Kong organic catnip for your favorite feline. Some kitties will eat it out of your hand; others enjoy it stuffed into their favorite toy or sprinkled over their scratching pad. Kong has other toys for cats, including teasers. For your dog, Kong has the greatest toys. Some help clean teeth while the dog is playing and working to get at the special treats you have stored inside (there are recipes on line for doggie treats you can freeze inside the Kong. It will take your dog a long time to get them out and provide lots of fun for it. Is chewing a problem with your dog? Kong toys are developed to help your dog relax and give it something it can chew on with your approval. All these and more (including organic catnip for your cat, cat teasers and scratchers) are available at La Mia Mascota Pet Shop in Las Americas Commercial Center as well as at our Veterinary Clinic.

Clínica Veterinaria: Av. De las Américas y Arrayán - PetShop: CC Plaza de las Américas local #27. Visit soon.

Alexandra Montaño: WhatsApp 099 020 6839 or 098 404 3395