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Traveling with the Covid scare

Traveling with the Covid scare for the sake of humanity, I thought I would post this information about my recent trip to the United States. The Covid scare made my trip cumbersome at times.

I was flying to Maine to visit some family for a week and then on to Chicago for some business. I did not need a Covid test to get on the plane to the United States. The day before I left Ecuador, I just happened to find out that the hotel in Maine demanded a negative Covid test before they would let me check in. My travel agent did not tell me this. This is because the governor of Maine did not tell the airlines. Therefore, the airlines did not tell the travel agent. It turns out, there’s only so much that a travel agent can know. Luckily, I was able to get a Covid test before getting on the plane. I took three planes to get to Maine. All of them were crowded. People wore masks but they still stood shoulder to shoulder. There were many other restrictions at the hotel which they did not tell me until I got there. There was no maid service, we could not get a coffee pot, there were restrictions on use of the pool, no free breakfast, etc. We only found this out after checking in.

In order to get back into Ecuador I had to take a Covid test in the United States. Sadly, my test came back positive. I had no symptoms and I felt I needed to get another test. I got a second test which was negative so I was able to get on the plane to come back to Ecuador. Again, I had to take three crowded planes. On the final leg of the flight, to my surprise, I was handed a mandatory isolation form. It said I had to isolate for 14 days. I was shocked because my travel agent knew nothing about this. In order to get through immigration, I had to sign this form and present it to them. When I shared this with my travel agent, he sent me to a couple of websites. One of which was already antiquated. The other one said that this form was not needed. Confusing.

The point is, despite what some of these websites will tell you, you can expect surprises with these hotels, airlines and with immigration. When I returned, I isolated for six days and then went and got a Covid test which was negative. In addition, I got an antibodies test which was also negative. This indicates that I never had the Covid virus.

This whole experience has turned me off to traveling in general.

Make sure you do your own research before traveling. Stay safe.

Ned Meisner

City: Cuenca