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Recommendation for Sacha Lodge, tourism

I know many people who have taken advantage of the awesome travel deals that are currently going on for Ecuadorian citizens and residents. It seems most people are taking advantage of the Galapagos cruises, which are great deals, but I wanted to share my experience at the Sacha Lodge as advertised on GringoPost of saving 50% off the best lodge in the Amazon.  

The Sacha lodge offers Monday-Friday and Friday-Monday packages because they run a boat up the Napo River to Coca which takes about two hours. It makes sense for them to run the boat to drop guests off and pick up the new ones at the same time. When I researched flights from Quito to Coca though, there were only Latam flights on Thursdays, although I think that might be expanding to Monday, Thursday and Fridays soon. The lodge was very accommodating to have the boat pick us up on Thursday in Coca and return us back the following Thursday since we were the only ones on the boat. We ended up paying for a week-long package which we enjoyed because it gave us more opportunities to see wildlife and even though we did a few hikes twice, we got to see things that we didn't see the first time around.

The staff was great at the lodge. The manager of the lodge, Fausto, greets everyone upon arrival and explains the safety protocols of the lodge. He speaks English and Spanish. I didn't feel their safety measures were too restrictive and felt very comfortable with their efforts to balance guest safety with overall enjoyment at the lodge. Fausto has a wealth of experience in the travel industry and would stop by at every meal and chat with each guest on how their day and trip were going. We were assigned the same guide for the duration of our time at the lodge. Our guide's name was Shanshu and he spoke English very well. He was a very sharp guy and had learned English from the guests he guided on tours. Shanshu also comes from a family of local Shamen and has lived his life in the jungle. He knew the sounds, smells and just about everything in the jungle from the plants, insects and could spot the tiniest poisonous frog on our hikes.

The price of the package includes lodging and all meals. The meals included breakfast, a morning snack, lunch and dinner. The meals were all great and we had no issues with the food preparations. Our cabin was recently built so we were one of the first people to stay in that unit. It had air conditioning and two balconies to just hang out and observe the jungle and felt private enough for us. The Internet service was good in our cabin but you're there for the experience and not to surf the web all day. The owners of the lodge are committed to improving the guest experience and are building more lodges and observation areas to see the wildlife. They recently completed a new restaurant and several new cabins. There is an observation platform about 12 stories high above the forest canopy which is great for bird watching. They also have a three towers viewing platforms where you walk along a narrow bridge between the towers. I have to admit it's not for anyone scared of heights, but the rewards can be amazing as we spotted a sloth and many birds while we were on the towers. The lodge is currently building another observation platform with an elevator and 360 degree rotating platform.  

We would generally do an early morning hike, an afternoon hike and we did a few night hikes/canoe rides around the lake. I was hoping to win the jungle lottery and spot a jaguar but it wasn't in the cards, although we did see some jaguar tracks. We did see an abundance of jungle wildlife including a sloth, caimans, seven species of monkeys, frogs, snakes, insects and many birds. We even fished for piranhas and caught a few. Just about every time we went out, we saw something amazing. I think again it was a tribute to our guide, Shanshu, who seemed to be the jungle whisperer for us. He was able to find a rare family of pigmy monkeys for us on two separate occasions. If you go definitely request Shanshu as your guide, he knows his stuff.

I would describe the weather for our trip as good. We had four sunny days, two overcast days and one afternoon with a monster rainstorm. I felt it was warm but overly hot and the humidity was noticeable. but not overly oppressive for the jungle. I've experienced worse from living in Florida. I brought insect repellant and hardly got bitten, although there were some annoying flies that just annoying buzzed around my face on the three towers.

I know the Galapagos deals are popular for obvious reasons but I really think if you want a great Amazon experience during these crazy times, I highly recommend that you check out the deal for the Sacha Lodge. I've attached some photos from my experience and hope that others can enjoy it as much as I did.

Address: Angela Hally (Quito)

Contact information: 099 251 9679

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