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Recommendation for Hosteria Izhcayluma, Eco Resort

Hosteria Izhcayluma is an excellent option for a short or long-term stay if you are traveling to the Southern part of Ecuador.

The Hosteria offers a selection of room types including adjoining or standalone cabins as well as two beautiful apartments with full-service kitchens.

After spending one week in a cabin at the eco resort we returned for a 6 week stay choosing to sequester ourselves in their one-bedroom apartment.

The apartment was everything we hoped it would be. Quiet and secluded it was a perfect place to spend some very real quality down time. For two people the apartment was not only comfortable but quite luxurious. In addition to a very large bathroom and well-appointed kitchen with a class wall the apartment’s bedroom/sitting room combination was a perfect space for spending quiet nights. But the highlight of the apartment was what I called “The Fresh Air Living Room” an open space with a sitting area and hammock allowing you to enjoy the nature surrounding the building. From early morning to late in the evening this space offered a perfect location for spending lazy days reading, writing, and relaxing.

The resort’s dining room, also an open-air space serves three excellent meals a day including a number of German specialties schnitzel and Kaesespaetzle (German Mac and Cheese). Word of warning the portions are large and can easily be shared by two people. For beer drinkers the dining room and bar serve a number of different selections from the resorts own brewery. However, the best part of visiting the dining room was the spectacular view of the Valley and Mountains. The cloud cover in the Mountains, the fog in the valley or the spectacular sun sets lighting up the entire area provided ever changing panoramic vistas.

For active guests there is a network of trails throughout the resort and the surrounding area. For the more spiritual there is a Yoga three times a week and for anyone interested in simply pampering themselves an excellent spa featuring a variety of first-class massages,

The staff particularly the owners go out of their way to make the guests feel comfortable. They are knowledgeable about the region, have excellent ideas for things to do and are always willing to help with anything.

Whether it is a few days or an extended stay Hosteria Izhcayluma is an excellent option for any traveler looking for a place to spend relaxing, restful time while still having access to one of the most beautiful areas of Ecuador.

Address: Vilcabamba, Ecuadoe

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