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Recommendation for Herman Gumbana Flores, Asencion-Cuenca Day Trip!

Quick cure for COVID Blues, spend the day in Asencion!

Like everyone else, we’ve been feeling the sequester but because of my pre-existing conditions, Bruce wouldn’t entertain a few days away. I asked our friend and National Tour Guide, Herman Guambaña Flores, to plan a day trip for us - not a typical touristy thing, just a day out of the city, in beautiful scenery and oh - if we could ride horses, that’s be peachie!

Herman picked us up in the morning and took us to Yunguilla. Not the valley, but up another 1k’ to Asencion, an unspoiled little mountain town with zero Covid for an authentic journey to small town Ecuador.

We started out with Asencion cowboys Anibal and Wicho, who outfitted us with horses. Along with their huge Rottie, Jack, we rode to the top of a mountain, where one of the local women was milking her cows. From there we let the horses graze and headed up steps - when the altitude got me. The cowboys scrambled to dig up bunches of a wild herb, paloa, which they had me breathe in and put in my hat band.  

Made a big difference, but I declined the rest of the stairs and the rope bridge to an outcropping with a ceremonial cross the villagers visit. Bruce made it as far as the bridge. We rode back through the little town, which is lovely, to Herman’s mother’s house on the edge of steep mountain drop, where we enjoyed a delicious meal with wide open window keeping the breezes flowing. I have never seen Bruce scarf down hominy before. Then Herman roasted some cocoa buds he brought in from the coast and we made chocolate.

To cap off our day, we visited Maya the tame wild pig. Rescued as a baby, Maya is so cute and responsive, we both wanted to take her home.

So many adventures in such a small trip. So much more understanding of the country and its people than we got from any of our "official" tours. It was so different, so authentic, we’re encouraging Herman to offer the tours to other expats.

A great quick trip out of town, where you can breathe without a mask, really get to know, understand the locals, great food and company. Back the same day feeling like we were away for a week!

Completely safe. Totally awesome! Extremely affordable. If you’re interested, PM me and I’ll put you in touch, answer questions. If you’re rather contact Herman directly (he speaks four languages), WhatsApp him at 098 774 4698. Meanwhile, here are some pics.

Choose your day! Cuenca/Asencion/Cuenca

Doreen Dvorin

Address: Cuenca

Contact information:  098 774 4698 Whatsapp

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