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Recommendation for Emilio Morocho, facilitator and Jack of all trades

This past week I contacted Mr. Morocho by email to assist me in getting a cashier's check for my passport renewal. I had already suffered defeat in accomplishing the task on my own at the JEP in Batan Mall. He responded promptly and we set a date for our adventure. He arrived promptly at our rental and began the trial of the cashier's check quest. We spent a total of three hours at JEP and left empty handed even after being assured we would receive a $110 check for passport renewal as a special favor from the manager since they do not issue for less than $3000. The transaction requires "approval" and after 3 hours we weren't getting it.

After leaving, Mr. Morocho suggested checking with other banking institutions. We found that Bank del Pacifico would; but not that particular branch near the stadium. In transit he checked at Banco del Austro around the corner. They could, so we went to work opening the required account to accomplish our goal. We were told that it would take a while so we decided to let Mr Morocho get to his 3 PM appointment and the bank would call him when al was ready. He picked us up again at approximately 4:15 and once again headed out for our quest. Upon arrival, we deposited money into our new account to find that a cashier's check would not be forthcoming until the next morning. Mr. Morocho volunteered to pick up our check when it was ready the next day and bring it to us. He did exactly as promised. I want to say that during the whole experience, Mr Morocho was pleasant, vigilant, respectful and professional. We had plenty of time to talk and he was very engaging. I have a discerning spirit and felt comfortable and would like to utilize his many talents for future "quests". We had to laugh at all the delays and took everything in stride because I knew we had an advocate on our side and that was a terrific feeling! To you, Emilio Morocho, may we be good friends as well as clients!


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