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Recommendation for Edison Juca of Polylepis Tours

Bird watching, nature tours, and more

Does nature thrill your heart? Could you use a little deliverance from the pandemic and our national election? Then do yourself a favor and call Edison Juca, the “birdwatching” guy we see advertise here from time to time. Here’s our experience. I went with my friend Mary for a half-day, which turned out to be 7 hours by the way. Edison had picked each of us up around 6:30 and took us to El Cajas. It was raining but we didn’t care. We stood out there like thirsty plants soaking it up and it felt great. Edison brought us first to see the montane (lower cloud forest) and then the paramo in the Cajas. He set up his professional telescope on a tripod to bring birds into better view than our binoculars allowed. He brought native fruit for us to sample and treated us to tea at a lovely hut with an open fire. But mostly he taught. His English is great, and his company is easy. He knew all about the birds and plants that we saw, and when I couldn’t remember many of them after I got home, he patiently wrote them down again next to the photos I took. Not only that, he has specialized tours to many other parts of Southern Ecuador.  

Incidentally, I just looked up Polylepis Tours and found that all 217 reviewers on TripAdvisor gave him 5 stars. Have a great time.

Address: Before the pandemic, you could find him at his travel agency, Polylepis Tours, on Calle Large y Hermano Miguel. Now you have to text him as shown below.

Contact information: 099 355 7648

Recommended by Heather Conley: