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Recommendation for Dr. Santiago Romo

Sports injury, traumatologist, sports medicine, orthopedics

I am 65-years old. It was evident that my body was changing. Over a short span of three months, my left foot began to involuntarily jerk upwards with a frequency of about 3 jpm. This happened while I was lying down and relaxed…luckily, not while sleeping. It stopped jerking when I walked. I began to walk sometimes with a limp, like Igor in the Frankenstein movies. This happened during times of stress, feeling cold, and after drinking alcohol. These manifestations were very worrisome, and they were quickly getting more intense. I also had lower back pain progressing.

It was obvious that I must see a doctor. A friend of mine had had a back injury, and she told me of a sports-injury doctor who had helped her with pain she was having in her lower back. Dr. Santiago Romo.

Dr. Romo sent me for X-rays, CT, and MRI. He found a mess. I have scoliosis, spondylolisthesis, bulging vertebras, four pre-herniated disks, osteoporosis, and sciatica. He also ruled out Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, lupus, dementia, and cancer.

As an alternative to surgery, Dr. Romo recommended Ozone Injection Therapy (OIT), which he himself would administer. To help me with my decision for this treatment, he provided me with reputable scientific case studies and many testimonials from recipients. I elected to have the OIT. It required 10 weeks to complete.

Some of the treatments involved an IV drip of liquid vitamins and ozone-aerated saline solution. During the 10 weeks, I experienced an episode of feeling intense well-being. I attributed it to the IV drip sessions. This episode recurs sometimes, which I enjoy. The therapy also includes exercise and stretching of the back muscles.

Did the treatments help my symptoms? The involuntary tremors are gone. I am walking erect. I am walking without limping and without back pain. It is as if the afflictions discovered and listed above are resolved. I have much more flexibility, more energy, and I am enjoying a better quality of life than I was 10 weeks before. Even my wife has commented about the difference.

As for Dr. Romo, he is a demonstrably caring individual. He speaks excellent English. He comes to your home for each and every treatment bringing his medical bags and ozone-making machine. He relishes hearing about how much better you are feeling from his treatments. He is totally professional while being personable and congenial.

Address: Av. Paucarbamba 4-117; Edificio Centro de Diagnostico Medico; Oficina 202

Contact information: 098 027 2399

Recommended by Russ Bath: 099 029 7463