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Pure organic vanilla beans, extract, caviar and powder

I have a new crop of freshly cured whole vanilla beans by the pack, vanilla powder, vanilla caviar and fabulous vanilla extract aged 6 months. I will make deliveries to Cuenca this weekend - 31st through Nov 2.  

There are over 250 flavor components in pure vanilla. Artificial vanilla has just one. Our pure Amazon vanilla will make your pastries – Exotic!

We support source and involve indigenous growers in the Amazon basin of Ecuador in our value chain.

Contact with a message to Loren Hostetter
WhatsApp: 098 061 1536

Whole beans:
Premium Super Long 3 per pack at $12
Premium 6 per pack at $17
8 per pack at $20
12 per pack at $25
18 per pack at $36
1/4 lb at $72
1/2 lb at $110
1 lb at $174
10 g caviar (seed) at $20
Premium 150 ml extract at $20
Premium 60 ml extract at $9

Oct 31-Nov 1, Quito and Cuenca