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Monica Gonzaga, guarantee your visas in Ecuador

What is happening new in Azogues?

Currently, you have to make online appointment to apply for a temporary or permanent visa or getting a cedula order.

Power of attorney and representations are still valid in Azogues office. If you have a facilitator or a lawyer who is doing your visa they still can represent you on your appointments (it will depends on how smart is your facilitator or lawyer). Appointments are requested as well to obtain the cedula order. You can get the appointment online but later you must show up the date and time for that in Azogues. All these appointments are face-to-face, whoever has a power of attorney can do all the paperwork and the client does not necessarily have to be present there on the appointment’s date.

Here are some more important news:

Those who were previously on a dependent visa, now have to pay for their own independent permanent resident visa which this is very good news because in case the primary person on the visa, for any reason dies or they get divorce, this won’t affect your Immigration status in Ecuador. I consider a really good news now. So, the cost of the new permanent independent resident visa is $550 since this visa becomes independent and permanent.

Another new is whoever has a visa based on the CD in a bank the great news is that if you have this visa after 2017 you can renovate the CD one more time for getting your permanent visa but after you obtain your permanent resident visa you will be free to take off your CD at the bank. You will be able to use the money since your visa is granted because you have already been more than 21 months in this country. So, the law for keeping it this CD in the bank is dismissed now. You won't have to do this process anymore. * Only applies who got the temporal visa in the new law from 2017.

You will always need a facilitator since it is better to have somebody who is local and knows the law to represent you in this delicate process. I can represent you and I can guarantee your visa without doing practically anything. Monica Gonzaga works and is updated with the new changes at the Ministerio since we are almost every day there.

“I facilitate your life in Ecuador”
Did you know that at month 21 you can apply for your permanent resident visa? Monica Gonzaga can get yours easier and faster. Please, contact me now.
Put attention to this: people who have not previously obtained a cedula, unfortunately have to register to obtain their Criminal Record of Ecuador. This can only be done in Guayaquil or Quito at the Policia Nacional.

Do you need a temporary or permanent resident visa, or are you having trouble trying to get one? Don't go further or go around in circles. Monica Gonzaga Facilitator services is the solution.
Get your visa without lifting a finger. Just stay home waiting for your visa. We do everything for you as well as your Ecuadorian cedula. Contact us and we will give you all the details.

At Monica Gonzaga Facilitator services we also do:

-End of Life POA! (on demand)
-Temporal or Permanent Residency Visa. (on demand)
-Visas for Ecuador and other countries in the world
-Cedulas (obtain a new one or replacement)
-Car MatrĂ­cula (car registration)
-Ecuadorian Driver License
-Rental contracts, Mediation
-Marriage Registrations, Civil Union
-Same sex Marriage validation and many more

Our contacts:
Cellphone WhatsApp 098 384 1691
USA phone number: 609 423 4475
Zoom Meeting: Monica Gonzaga Facilitator
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