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Looking for compatible computer for repair

Hi folks, My computer tech needs to switch hard drives temporarily, to fix a security issue
that won't go away until we change users. Somehow the username was never changed from the original owner (Jan Jesszczerzewski. If anyone has his email address please let me know. We've found a facebook page, but no response yet to messages).
The original password continued to work, until suddenly a new 'security code' is required, which would be sent to the original user.
The laptop screen is cracked, so the tech person can't see the windows icons as it opens, when he would tap and open and reset the password. (I've had two replacement laptop screens from the US, but neither has been correct.)
So, the tech would like to find a compatible computer, to switch hard drives temporarily, and change the user name to the current owner.
The computer is an HP Omen i7, a graphics / artists machine, and smaller HPs that the tech has tried don't seem to be compatible.
Please let me know if anyone can assist. Many thanks,

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City: Cuenca