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Going fast... chocolate bars, couverture, heirloom cacao and

Wow, things are going really fast.
Cueuca and Ecuador - Final few weeks; blowout sale - everything must go.

Chocolate lovers, bakers, chocolate makers, chef’s come on down or order via WhatsApp +593 098 663 9411.

Saké lovers; the only Cacao Saké in the world. Athletes and organic tea lovers; it’s your last chance to stock up on some of the best chocolate, and cacao tea, in the world.

Chocolate Bars:
Organic heirloom chocolate bars - 70% dark or 53% dark milk (all origins by Altisimo Chocolate )
$2.50 ea. 56g or 10 bars for $20.

Chocolate couverture:
Organic rare heirloom chocolate couverture by Altisimo Chocolate
Aged 2-4 years
70% dark or 53% dark milk (all origins)
$2.50 per 100g
$8 per lb for wrapped blocks ($17.69 per kilo)
$6.50 Per lb when you buy 20 lbs or more ($14.30 per Kilo)

Cacao tea - loose leaf:
Organic heirloom cacao tea
$2.50 per lb

Shelled from heirloom organic cacao beans, cacao husk tea has been found to make a superb cup of tea, thanks to its delicious flavor and phenomenal health benefits. Cacao tea is packed with antioxidants, amino acids, magnesium, iron, and zinc. Drink hot or cold.

Rare heirloom organ cacao beans - unroasted
$1 per lb Ecuador Blend organic cacao
$2.50 per lb (all origins except for Peru)
$2.25 per lb for whole bags.

$3.50 per lb super rare Don Ramon pura blanco 75% orcelana
$3.50 per lb taste the rare Tumbes Peru

Cacao Saké- super rare special Reservé
Khuya Craft Cacao Saké
$18 per 750ml bottle
$15 per bottle for 5 or more bottles.

Payments - cash or credit
Pay with your credit card using PayPal for orders over $20.
All orders must be paid in full prior to delivery. No exceptions.

Delivery and shipping:
“Send your own” MotoTaxi in Cuena - shipping/delivery not included.
Shipping by Servientrega Cuenca and Ecuador. Not included in pricing above.

Price comparisons:

Pacari 70% couverture $5 per 200g $19.75 per 1 kilo ($9.97per lb)
$22.31 per 2.5 kg ($10.14 per lb)

Pacari bars $0.045 per gram
Altísimo bars rare aged organic $0.044 per gram

WhatsApp +583 098 663 9411
Tomás Ordoñez 6-32
Between Presidente Cordova y Juan Jaramillo
Google GPS (-2.9008544, -78.9994066)

October 26-30, 2020 – 9 AM to 5 PM, free, 6-32 Tomás Ordoñez y Juan Jaramillo, Cuenca.

James Wilson:  098 663 9411. Call after: 9 AM.