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Expat looking to stay in El Centro with reliable internet

Good morning Cuenca expats,

Sorry in advance for the long message...

I am writing because I plan to come to Cuenca by the end of this month. I am looking to stay for 90 days on a tourist visa and then extend for an additional 90 if I like it.

I am currently making arrangements for my stay. I'm looking to stay in El Centro because I will be coming alone and would like to be nearest to the most activity and access to things as possible.
I have a really good stay offer that I am more than likely going to take in the next day or so, however I wanted to still inquire to see if anyone has any other really good offers for my stay before firming up the one I am looking at.

Another major key factor for me is internet speed. I will be teaching online and need to have reliable, quick internet to use video and audio platform with students worldwide. It is also going to be important for me to use it to stream Netflix from my MacBook as well.

The arrangement that I am looking to stay in El Centro uses Etapa fiber optic and supposedly is decent. I hear that internet in El Centro is horrible, and that Etapa is the only provider available at that location. Meaning that is what is currently being used where I will be staying, and not subject to change.

Could anyone please comment on this thread to attest to the quality of that internet provider and speed in El Centro based on your personal experience.

I really appreciate any and all feedback from the Cuenca Expat community on my questions. Thank you so very much in advance.

Best regards,