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Excellent Chinese food source online only

Pei makes Dumplings, Boa and a Chinese Noodle that is so authentically wonderful we were happy campers. Since we are only ordering in this was a great find. We spruced her dishes up with our own condiments and sauces because we like our food on the spicy side. We paired her offerings with some Japanese rice and a simple stir fry and we ate happily for two full days.

Do yourself a favor and ask for her entire menu. It comes complete with pictures, which is incredibly helpful when deciding what to order.

As we are from the San Francisco Bay area, our standards are a bit different. We have excellent Chinese restaurants to chose from, ingredients from all over the world and a fusion tradition that handily puts great foods together.

We've eaten at all the Chinese restaurants in Cuenca that have been recommended to us. Most Chinese food here is way too bland for us, so we have our own condiments and work with it. I am happy to say, Pei did not disappoint and we will order again very soon because I just reviewed her menu.  

Open for orders
9-6 pm Monday to Saturday

Open for orders 9-6 pm Monday to Saturday, Online only

Doug Morgan: WhatsApp 0992536116