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Ecuador trips from Cuenca

Saturday, Oct 31st and Saturday, Nov 7th

Saraguro of the largest cantons in the province of Loja, has been able to stand out over time, thanks to the hard work and commitment of its inhabitants, who daily to rescue the customs and traditions, which have been passed down from generation to generation.

Hope you can join us on this incredible trip to explore, discover and learn about one of Ecuador indigenous ethnic group “Saragureños”.

Let's give a hand to helping to reactivate rural tourism in these communities.

Once we arrive our native guide Livia will be sharing with us her knowledge, traditions and cultura the entire day.

Come and explore. We will be visiting 3 communities.

Don Fransico at the Community of Tuncarta:
The icon of the Saraguro (Loja) people is their hat, a distinctive of cultural identity, which completes their clothing. This accessory is made with lamb wool and handcrafted, with ancient techniques and knowledge. The hat is white on its surface and on the inner brim it carries Saraguro people (similar to those of cows), it is rigid and its approximate weight is three pounds. Its preparation takes three days. The quality will depend on the raw material.

Textiles- Community of Ñamarin:
The Ñamarin community is one of the oldest in Saraguro. Its name Ñamarin means "it is going away" and indicates the proximity to some sacred site. The inhabitants believe that this sacred place refers to El Baño del Inka. This place is made up of a 60m high waterfall and adjoining caves. Since ancient times, many legends of this place have been told.The Community of Ñamarín preserves the indigenous traditions and, like the other communities, has maintained its Kichwa language, its clothing and its own agriculture. However, if Ñamarín stands out for something, it is because of the ability of its artisans to make handicrafts with sheep's wool using the technique of weaving in makana or backstrap loom. Thus there are several family textile workshops where they transform wool into blankets, scarves, scarves, ponchos, bags, girdles, cushions and much more.

Medicinal Huerta-plants Community of Illincho” Centro Cultural Inti Wasi
We will be spending time with Taita Luis who along with his family be sharing with us there knowledge of Ancestral Wisdom...
Once we arrive we will have a welcome beverage a infusion of plants with medicinal properties prepared Taita Luis wife..... Lunch will be here at Inti Wasi (will forward menu options plus if anyone has any diet restrictions).....afterwards we will be having a Ancestral Ritual- Ceremony to rejuvenate your for those who like optional a cleansing of your energies –vibes...
Before our return we will also be learning about Artesanal beer from Saraguro Kapak where we will learn how it is made and we will be able to taste a amazing beer ...
We will be returning to Cuenca aprox 7pm..

We will also be bringing with us 25 saplings of Native species of trees to reforest in the communities.

Overnight stay at Centro Cultural Inti Wasi.
There is capacity for 10 people. Matrimonial, double or triple rooms with amazing views, comfortable, hot water, heater, internet. Overnight stay includes breakfast.
Here we will be able to relax and just enjoy an amazing evening, for those who would like to indulge yourselves.
There are Baños de Cajon with medicinal plants plus a turco or if you like massage – relax therapy.
The following day Sunday, also optional you will be able to see, feel and experience the Saraguro market day.

Have a Happy Halloween.

We can create incredible Trips for family and friends. Just let us know the dates..
Plus, on our trips we will be contributing to reforestation of native species of trees and shrubs.

WhatsApp: 099 524 6166

Cuenca, Ecuador. October 31st and November 7th