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Dumping property in the Yunguilla Valley

We have over $285,000 invested in this 2 bedroom, 2 1/2 bath property originally built by an architect 20 years ago. Views of the surrounding mountains are spectacular. 

We do not have a real estate agent, but our lawyer is in Cuenca. She has a set of keys and is fluent in English. However, she does not show the house. An Ecuadorean friend is living in the house now and our maestro (foreman) is there on weekdays. Neither speak English well, but I can make arrangements for you to see the house. 

The house is currently under renovation. It is almost a full acre of unusually flat land and a very large front porch that just reminds you of being in the country in the US. It has a 3/4 finished one-of-a-kind metal fence that once finished by the new owner (using the same maestro working on the property now) will allow dogs to roam safely on the entire acre. There is proven well water and 240 electrical has been run to a location that can be used either to drill a well or build a cistern for the current irrigation water. There is a partially underground irrigation system that cleverly uses water from cleaning the pool but can be easily changed over to either a new well house or the existing irrigation water. There is also a full sized pool and 40' container on a five foot deep concrete foundation. A shop is built into one end of the container that includes brand new 240V breaker box and storage shelves throughout the rest. There are three brand new outbuildings. Everything underground is new including better-than-US standard (because buried much deeper) copper wiring and all new potable and irrigation water lines, sanitary and storm drains, and propane gas lines that run out to a location on one end of the container that has aleady been approved for a large propane tank. (Right now it is set up to use four of the smaller tanks at a time). There is a very large and updated septic tank that includes a drain field. The hydraulic gates are a custom design. The property lights up at night with automatic on/off LED lights permanently mounted on every other fence post and a charming set of antique looking driveway light posts. The entire roof has just been replaced. 

I am selling to the highest bidder over $150,000. This is a giveaway price that represents over a $100,000 loss for us. We just cannot afford to finish the renovations. The bidding process will be open until I say otherwise. I will not respond to offers under $150,000. Buyer must pay transfer fees to deposit the money in our US bank account.

Address: Off 59 on the other side of Lentag, Yungilla

Please mention GringoPost when inquiring about this property. Property ID: RE-1602265817

I am the owner, Luther DeHaven: