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Discouraging chicken and meat experiences

A couple of months ago I ordered a couple of whole chickens. I gave one to a friend and kept one. I weighed mine as it appeared to weigh much less than I was charged for. Sure enough, instead of the 8 lbs. it actually weighed 3 lbs. on my top-of-the-line kitchen scale. I was billed at regular price. When I reported this to the chicken farmer, he told me he weighs his birds on foot before butchered.

I bought ground beef with blood pooled on top and on the bottom.

Recently I ordered fresh chicken parts from a store which sent me photo of fresh ones which I ordered immediately. When the order was delivered next day it was frozen. I thought that was odd since I ordered fresh and they had sent me a photo of fresh product. I had put it in the freezer and said nothing, and would not have except that when I thawed it, there was 2 cups of bloody water in the bag for which I had been charged full price. The bag tilted, fell over, and spilled all over an expensive kitchen rug. I spent hours cleaning and soaking up the bloody water, then treating with alcohol. The store refused to deal with me because it was not returned the same day ordered. There was no way to know the day received the frozen meat if it was satisfactory.

This week I ordered 4 lamb chops and instead of the usual 1" chops, I received 2 1" chops sliced through the middle to make 4. They were very thin, could not be browned on both sides, were tough, tiny, and frozen. When I reported the small size and thinness, I was accused of not liking this vendor's products (I ordered others as well I have not yet thawed and am looking forward to trying.) When the vendor voluntered he would refund my entire order and do no more business with me, I said only the tiny, thin chops should be refunded. The proprietor said he would refund all my money and not do business with me again. So, I have no resources for these important foods.

I was not at all rude when contacting the stores/farmers regarding my experiences but I was treated very unreasonably. Not sure how these merchants/farmers stay in business. Does anyone have good experience with "organic" chicken, lamb, and/or beef that they can recommend?

Jon Wilson