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Chan Chan Cheese this week...

Good day to all of you out there. The weather out here on the farm has been fabulous. Lots of sunshine, a little rain to keep things green and lots of happy cows. We hope all of you are staying healthy, enjoying life and enjoying dairy.

This week for our cheeses we have some that you might enjoy. First off, our Andean Manchego. For those of you who have tried our Manchego, it has been a softer version than its namesake of Spain. This time though, we think we've got it! This Manchego is firm, buttery and sooooo tasty. Even the rind is amazing! Give it a try this week. Also on our list is our Peppercorn Parmesan. Easy to grate, strong in flavor with a peppercorn zing to it. A definite must on that pasta plate this week. Along with our Manchego improving, our cheddar has improved as well. All natural without coloring, our cheddar will go well with whatever you decide to pair it with whether that be a tasty burger, over veggies, on a cracker or even by itself. We also have our sensational Swiss this week. Lots of flavor with a slight bite, it sure to make anything you pair it with amazing. Entertain your guests with a sampling of all of these fine cheeses or simply enjoy yourself with a glass of wine.

All of our cheeses are made here on the farm with whole milk from our grass-fed mix of Jersey, Montbéliard and Holstein cows. The milk used in our cheese making is free of antibiotics and taken only from our cows. Because the cheese is an artisan cheese, each batch has its own unique characteristics.

Also available for purchase is our Greek yogurt ($2/lb), milk ($1.25/liter), cream ($2/liter), and cottage cheese ($4/lb). Please send in your orders for this week by noon on Tuesday and let us know if it will be a delivery or pick-up at one of the locations listed below.

Please check out our website ( for pictures of the farm, cows and our cabins that give you a chance to get away from it all. With little to no contact if you want, our cabins are a great retreat option for you and/or your family during these times. We also allow come enjoy some fresh air with your furry buddy. Explore our hiking trails, interact with all of the animals or simply sit by the fire and enjoy the peace and quiet. All of our cabins come with heaters and fireplaces to keep you warm at night. Try a night in our treehouse, perhaps the highest treehouse in the world (elevation-wise). Take a look and enjoy a night in the magic out here. Let us know if you are interested or have any questions.

We appreciate your business and wish you all the best of health.

Wednesday, October 7th, Tienda Nectar (el Centro), Smokehouse (across the street from San Sebastian park) and Dos Sucres (Roberto Crespo Toral 3-56) 10 AM