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Cell phone service

You guys are my IT department. I am buying a new phone to bring to Ecuador. I plan on being back in the States every other year, and travelling yearly somewhere in Central and South America.

I must be able to verify banking and SS codes etc.

I want to keep my same number, and have stateside service when I’m north. Looks like I can easily port my number to Google FI. When I get to Cuenca pick up a local number, sim and provider?

Phone features I need?
1. Dual sim – convenient, but won't a single w/ removeable sim will work fine? I just have to switch cards?
2. Make sure it's is global and unlocked
3. Make sure any phone uses GSM system and is quad band

I’m looking at Motorola and Pixel as being the most compatible with Google Fi.

Have heard mixed reviews of various software fixes working and not working as far a security codes... thoughts?
• magicJack
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• VPN…

David Reed