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Appointments at Azogues

Peter and I have been at work since late June pulling together the paperwork for permanent visas - background reports, apostilles, translations, everything. It was a challenge mainly because the State Department is working with a skeleton staff on apostilles, and prioritizing life and death. But without missing one moment except the week when State wrote to say they won't honor checks without an address, we have pursued the required documents for four months, finally got it together and then sought an appointment at Azogues, to discover that the first available turno is December 29. At that point we will be on the edge of documents going stale, since some of these can be no more than a few months old. Thus it appears to be an insoluble problem. We are about ready to give up. Please do not write back to say that for $1000 you can solve it. For $1000 we can fly away. If you have any free advice that would be gratefully received.

Lucy Hancock: .

City: Cuenca