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What is going on when you arrive to Ecuador and you decide to stay

Updated news

Currently the Guayaquil Airport terminal is closed to the public. Only the arrival or departures of international flights is being received, very limited local flights, there is not activity inside of the airport but Customs and Agriculture Departments are continuing working and continuing checking what passengers arrive bringing things to Ecuador. Due to recent problems with Customs and many complaints here I leave to you the link of Aduanas (Customs) of Ecuador so you can see as a passenger arriving in Ecuador what you can bring and what you cannot bring in to Ecuador. Please, review it very carefully in order to avoid further problems and get stuck in the airport and being subject to fines and item confiscations.

To get in to the country of Ecuador nowadays Immigration is requesting the Molecular PCR Test, not the Rapid Test. If you don’t have it they will send you to a hotel that they will assign to you. The next day you will have to come back for a test and until the results are given - up to 3 or 4 days - you will remain in the same hotel. Notice that all these expenses will be on you. When the results show up, if it is negative they will set you free and you are able to continue to your final destination. If it is positive you will remain in quarantine and at the orders of the Ecuadorian authorities. This applies to everyone.
In other news:
- The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Human Mobility continues working and receiving all kinds of procedures but virtually, nobody is allowed to be there the only ones who can approach, are those who will receive the Cedula orders who applied before online.
-The agreements with Immigration still on until new resolutions so you can come in or out the country without any fine or punishment, as well you can apply for your visa even though you are out of the time.
If you need more information about other procedures or assistance, please, don't hesitate to contact Monica Gonzaga, facilitator. We are here to serve you.
“I facilitate your Life in Ecuador”
Phone# 098 384 1691 (WhatsApp)

Monica Gonzaga