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We are looking to adopt you

We are two young male ginger kitties that need you to give us a loving new home. We are handsome brothers who are 9-months old and We are already neutered and current with our vaccinations. We're good kitties. We promise.

So, we are ready to go home with you and fill your life with even more love. We promise.

Our names are Luke and Hans Solo. Cute, huh? We are sweet and playful and where We live now our family can't keep us and they are heartbroken. They really love us and you will too. Another promise.

My brother and I are litter mates and have been together since the very beginning of our lives. At this age my bro and I are very much bonded and we want and need to stay together. You promise too?

The lucky person or family who gets adopted by us would be getting twice the love and fun. Another promise.

We also would keep each other entertained and exercised while you're out. So, no worries there.
We ginger cats are known for being 'special' and in a good way. Hans and I will show you every single day when we go home with you and sneak in to your hearts.

We have never been street cats and Have to be kept Indoors. Preferably on your lap and in your arms keeping an eye on you whenever possible.

That's how we will show you how much we love you and will always love you all the years that we are a family.

We are looking for someone loving like you to call our forever family. Sounds really good to us.
How about you?

Just so you know, we really do keep our promises.

Our current family is Jeniffer Rodriguez of Matthew Bagel Store.
Jeniffer and her family speak English and would very much like to give their beloved fur babies, that's Us, to a great new home. That would be you.

Please call for cute pictures of us.

Jeniffer Rodriguez: 098 752 9322. Call after: 10 AM.

City: Cuenca