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Tranvia experiences

We would like to share a couple of recent Tranvia experiences.

1. I left my Tranvia card home by mistake. Nancy wanted to go to the Airport to add funds to her card (see item 2 below) I purchased single ride ticket for $1. It is a printed receipt showing the date and time of purchase and the name of our Rio Tomebamba station. It has time limit of 40 minutes. We rode to the airport, did our business, then onward to the end of the line. As we boarded the return tram, My ticket was checked to see if I was within the 40 minute limit, and it was checked again by an on board inspector in el Centro. We thought that Nancy would also have a 40 minute allowance, so she asked the inspector to scan her card, but no - she had to tap her card for another ride.

2. We had tried to add funds to our cards, but learned that as long as one had more than 2 trips remaining, the machine would not allow recharging. When we arrived at the airport, the machine allowed Nancy to recharge as she had only 2 trips remaining. She selected $5, but the machine rejected both five dollar bills she tried. She ended up using coins to top of her card.

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City: Cuenca