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Teeter Dex II - spine decompression & extension - back pain relief

Take advantage of a rare opportunity for Ecuador and get the best decompression machine available for $300 (off the normal US price of $400). This item is currently completely out of stock in the US (not available in EC in general) but b/c I will be traveling soon you can get one and at a great price. This was originally bought full price and shipped down from the US. This machine has been a life saver for my lower back pain and it is worth every penny. It is well built and will last a lifetime.

The DEX II allows inverted Decompression & Extension on a compact machine that is more effective and versatile than a typical Roman Chair or hyperextension bench. With forward-rotating, hip-supported inversion, you’ll effectively target your lower back for relief of back pain. Work your core and improve flexibility with a variety of inverted stretches and exercises. Plus, the versatile base lets you train upright with reverse dips, modified push-ups and exercise band work.

Isaac May: 099 973 0659. Call after: 8 AM.

City: Cuenca