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Sponsors are wanted for the arts in Cuenca Ecuador

Dear Readers, We are working every day in a cultural project called Escena Virtual, probably you've seen some ads on facebook. And we are promoting with the Association of Scenic Artists of Cuenca BĂșnker EscĂ©nico the 1st Festival "Virtual Scene" in the city of Cuenca.

My name is Carol Lozada, actress, producer and cultural manager. We are approximately 160 members in our association and we seek to keep the art active, and to be able to keep the economic activity moving, since all the precedent events have been canceled and the theaters closed. With Escena Virtual we intend to bring the best to the screen of your home, and if you can support this project as a sponsor/donors, you are providing food, home and health to many artists in the city.

This event will start on September 9 - 16 of the current year, the programming will be online and we will have more seasons in the following months.

You can support from $50 to $2000 having a big presence on the screen presenting or sponsoring each play.

Thanks for support the art and the culture in these hard times.

Video promocional:

Ana Carolina Lozada Calle: 096 258 6493. Call after: 9 AM.

City: Cuenca