GringoPost | Ecuador: Share your own six-words about living in these Covid-19 times

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Share your own six-words about living in these Covid-19 times

The Pandemic in Six-Word Memoirs in Ecuador!

Inspired by the New York Opinion piece by Larry Smith.

Since 2006, Larry Smith has been challenging people to describe their lives in six words, a form he called the six-word memoir — a personal twist on the legendary six-word story attributed to Ernest Hemingway: “For sale: baby shoes, never worn.”

He found that some of the most memorable six-word stories arise in the extremes — during our toughest and most joyous moments. So, over the past several months, he asked adults and children to use the form to make sense of this moment in history: one person, one story, and six words at a time.

Here are a few samples:

Every day’s a bad hair day.
~ Leigh Giza
Home ec: rationing butter, bourbon, sanity.
~ Christine Triano
Eighth hour of YouTube. Send Help!
~ Leela Chandra
Read every book in the house.
~ Francesca Gomez-Novy
Avoiding death, but certainly not living.
~ Sydney Reimann
Social distancing myself from the fridge.
~ Maria Leopoldo
Slowly turning into a technological potato.
~ Jad Ammar
Numbers rise, but sun does too.
~ Paloma Lenz
The world has never felt smaller.
~ Maggie Smith

How do you make sense of this moment in history?

Share your own six-word memoir by emailing them to We’ll feature them in a special article on the Under The Domes website ( and on Facebook.

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