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Recommendation for VIP Homecare

Medical care and physical therapy

I was discharged from the hospital after enduring two botched surgeries. I lost over 40 pounds, had multiple bedsores, and was so weak I could not support my own weight -- I was carried into the house by my friend and facilitator, German Zhina, and a very kind stranger who saw my distress and stopped to help. After two months of “hospital care”, I was literally bone-tired, depressed, and worried.

VIP Homecare came to my rescue. Pauline and her staff designed and implemented a comprehensive regime of physical therapy, and rehabilitative techniques to heal my wounds and, equally important, began the process of restoring the faith that I was, at last, in the hands of caring professionals dedicated to my well-being. It was a long and difficult journey that would not have been possible without the daily support, encouragement, and thoughtful medical attention I received from VIP Homecare.

After six weeks of intensive therapy to restore my strength, VIP proposed a different physician and hospital after thoroughly vetting both. They guided me through a third surgery and rehabilitative program that secured an outcome that will lead to my full recovery. 

There were days when I felt all was lost, but the staff of VIP buoyed my spirit while carefully seeing to it that I was made whole -- in body and mind.

I hold VIP Homecare in the highest esteem. The VIP team brought me back to life. They have my highest recommendation and gratitude.

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