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Recommendation for Roosvelt Javier Rojas Bravo, Rolfing

Roosvelt is one of the best doctors and healers I have met along my 7-year healing journey. I have worked with many, many practitioners across multiple disciplines around the world. Some of the deepest and most profound work has been with him.

During our committed work together, we dealt with things from my childhood wounds from my parents, karmic wounds from past lives, opening up healings and communications with particular guides. We also did regression therapy. It was with him that I saw my first past life recollections. He helped me heal sexual abuse from when I was 3 years old that no one else could find.

We did practices that went beyond Rolfing-- such as writing therapy and forgiveness practices. He taught me one of the singularly most powerful ways to discharge anger and negative energy in a healthy way, and I have shared that with hundreds of people over the last two years since I worked with him.

The deepest healing that he brought me was his deep, deep compassion and kindness to me. I had experienced much sadness, heartbreak, and disappointment with men throughout my life. I was moved to tears when we did a certain therapeutic medicine, and the way he held patience, love, and compassion for me during that process I remember the most.

Even though it's been two years, I think of Roosvelt often. His teachings, his compassionate care, his healing abilities. He is a very humble, quietly confident man. I wish that millions of people knew Roosvelt and could be touched by him-- spiritually and physically. And I loved speaking with him and marveled at how well he was able to explain large concepts with English as a second language.

The power of his healing touch cannot be overstated. He truly is a master healer and such a gift. Anyone who works with him will have profound shifts in their body, their life their happiness. Such deep gratitude for one of the most beautiful people on this earth.

Address: Rolfer en Av OrdoƱez Lozo y Los Pinos Edificio Amazonas

Contact information:  099 927 8767

Recommended by Jessica Ste. Michelle: