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Recommendation for Magvi Construction

Magno Chuchuca has built and remodeled just about everything. He is a licensed contractor. I was moved to recommend him on GringoPost, because he is bilingual and has a long career of construction in public places, including El Centro. He worked in New York City for a few years. Recently he constructed a fence of found wood for me, and used strong chicken wire to keep the dogs and pests out. In my neighborhood which is Cochapamba, I saw that he raised a sewer up for a house next door so it could be worked on. When I first met him, he was repairing a water system for a house across the street. He cleaned it and he installed a vent.

He built a simple stand for my portable gas stove in the kitchen, and from the 4x8 piece of plywood left over he constructed a tall art table that I can stand at. He has laid floors in his own house, remodeled the family shower and raises chickens too. Magno built a small house for someone, absolutely gorgeous but very simple. He laid an outdoor stone tile area. HIs rates are standard and negotiable. He shows up on time and finishes the job in good time. He has a set of talents and values as I have not seen in my experience, and I have owned a house and lived in the USA east coast as well as Arizona and San Francisco. I have seen a lot.

See the photos and his business card below. Interested persons call Magno at the number below. Ask Magno about using his son-in-law's email or WhatsApp, if necessary, to send photos of your project. Magno is planning to get a computer.

Address: El Valle, Cuenca.

Contact information:  098 525 2152 / 07 403 7645

Recommended by Suzanne Cerny: